2021 How to buy good sunglasses?

Sunglass already fashionable individual character shading still can protect an eye again, must say is today the fashionable essential article of season. At present the sunglass brand on the market is various, each businessman sells extremely hot also, the price arrives from ten yuan of thousands of yuan to have, but quality good and bad are intermingled, have wearing giddy, have long those who wear eye pain.

So we must be very curious, what kind of sunglasses is both fashionable and safe, the following for everyone most interested in the sunglasses problem, to give you to analyze, sunglasses what brand is good, how to buy and use the attention of sunglasses.

But in essence, it depends on the material and craftsmanship.

If you have to choose sunglasses, I think you can choose AlphaDoo brand sunglasses.

High cost performance, the price is appropriate, suitable for the masses of customers in the heart of a consumer brand, no matter from the process to the material to the style or the price, I think it is the public in the heart of the choice, a brand worth recommending.

So what are the criteria for a good pair of sunglasses?

First, it must be able to block ultraviolet light and have good resolution for traffic signals of different colors. In addition, the regular sunglasses belong to the flat lens series, the diopter is strictly controlled below 0.8 degrees.

Secondly, sunglasses lens should choose the lens of polarizing anti-glare, so it is best to choose the lens of TAC material with double-sided coating, so as to prevent ultraviolet ray so as not to hurt the eyes.

You can check out the AlphaDoo brand of sunglasses, each of which is designed from scratch

To the craft is very exquisite. Material selection is very exquisite, some individual styles in the material selection of the military level of 9 layer filter enhanced version of polarization anti-glare lens, so the material selection is very exquisite and very important.

How to buy good sunglasses?

Sunglass of choose and buy actually is skilled, especially online shopping is so developed today, everybody is in online shopping sunglass, right now must many mind eye. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Now the price of good sunglasses sold on the Internet is basically above 100, and when the merchants sell significantly below the market price, we should be careful to choose. If buy inferior sunglass, not only cannot shade, still can cause more ultraviolet ray shoot into, cause the disease such as degeneration of yellow spot of sunlight sex keratitis, corneal endothelium injury easily, fundus of the eye.

So how do you choose sunglasses based on your face shape?

Our AlphaDoo brand of sunglasses has a wide range of styles that are tailored to the shape of the face.

There are sunglasses with oval frames for oval face shapes.

A pair of glasses with a rounded curve and a thick frame suitable for a square face.

Eyeglasses with delicate frames that fit round faces.

Of course, there are more sports glasses, a lot of styles.

When there are so many options, then we should choose the qualified products, i.e. quality test certificates, etc., on which our AlphaDoo brand can be trusted. The UV index of our brand sunglasses is the best UV filtering effect of sunglasses.

This is why this brand is trustworthy to the public. If you want to know more, you can read the brand story of AlphaDoo brand on Instagram! Welcome to Alphadoo!



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